Why GiveBridge

Helpling Charities achieve their mission.


With an extensive portfolio of different charitable causes, we have a proven track record year over year in delivering trusted results across North America.


We provide the roadmap to enter markets coast to coast, acquiring a high level of quality monthly donors adding thousands of donors each week resulting in millions in charitable revenue.

A Partner

We have a win-win approach working with our charity partners to build long term successful programs.

With so many charities seeking donations, it’s crucial for an organization to get their message across in a transparent, personalized way. GiveBridge provides a tangible connection between donors and your cause. Through leading training and fundraiser development, innovative technology, and data analysis, we acquire high-quality, scalable face to face programs while helping our charity partners manage large donor files.

Why GiveBridge

  1. Our annual fundraising campaigns provide consistency in an unpredictable and volatile industry.
  2. We are experts in scaling donor acquisition volume up while maintaining and improving quality. We call it ‘controlled scalability’.
  3. Our large network of professional fundraisers in North America are focused on executing honest and passionate conversations with donors.
  4. Our campaign model results in efficient and sustainable fundraising costs, resulting in a strong ROI.
  5. Our team of experts provides detailed analytics on donor performance so that our charity partners can continuously improve donor retention.
  6. As a founding member of the Professional Face to Face Fundraising Association (PFFA), we are a leader in the evolution of the face to face industry in North America and have access to informative analytics, resources and benchmarking.

Our Fundraisers

The Key to Success:

We recruit professionals who are passionate, eager for knowledge and genuinely want to make a difference in this world. This passion, along with warmth, integrity and a positive attitude are the keys to success in creating a positive donor experience. With every campaign, our fundraisers are carefully selected and intensively trained on the following:

The Charity’s Cause

The Charity’s Mission & Vision

The Charity’s Brand

Face to Face etiquette

How to deliver an exceptional donor experience